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PT ALZUBARA MANPOWER INDONESIA is a Indonesia Migrant Worker Placement Company based on the decision of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia with license number KEP No. 219 of 2017.

Created with a high dedication to meet the expectations of job seekers who want to pursue a career in prestigious jobs spread across many placement countries. Gradually the success of government programs in the distribution of human resources to alleviate poverty and advance the area of origin of job seekers.

Strengthened by two decades of experience in the field of human resource management, of course, makes us one of the leading companies in achieving key performance indexes from end users.

We understand the basic needs of job seekers.

With experience as well as mature strategy, we screen potential job seekers for end users.

Various ways have been taken, including utilizing the previous network, working in a consortium, to utilizing state-of-the-art information technology to select capable and reliable candidates.

Our biggest goal is to increase the employment values of Indonesian Migrant Workers in the international market.

Prioritizing the treasures of skills from various directions is the strongest asset so that Indonesian Migrant Workers are able to compete and win in the career arena.


Working and obtaining good job opportunities for their careers is the right of every qualified citizen who holds the title of job seeker. Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Companies clearly have a very big role in providing valid information regarding professional and prestigious job opportunities abroad.

PT. AL ZUBARA MANPOWER INDONESIA is present as a reliable provider of job opportunities as well as acting as a liaison to end users, to provide candidates who are capable, reliable, and also competent in their fields.

We will always try to provide the best opportunities for serious and responsible job seekers.

Provide legit and appropriate information to the public about opportunities and opportunities to work abroad.

  • As a solution in improving the economy of the wider community with the profession of Migrant Workers who work in the formal and informal sectors with international standards.
  • To become a company that is able to provide excellent and integrated performance which refers to the government regulations concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers as stated in act no. 18 of 2017.

Unemployment Rate

People are struggling for jobs

Millions of unemployed haunt job seekers in Indonesia

Job opportunities abroad are one of the components mentioned by the government in accelerating the national economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Labor absorption from the migrant worker sector reaches 850,000 people per year under normal conditions which is divided into skilled and unskilled workers sectors.

Placement Countries

Our works in past two-decades.

Industries and Services

With more than two decades of experience, we understand your needs better than anyone. The following is a list of the services and industries we work in.

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